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Leren heuptas (18u30 - 22u)

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  • Donderdag 27 juli

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Leren pennenzak (18u30 - 21u)

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Course handbag domino technique

€ 350 - max. 4 participants


Included: materials, course, coffee and tea.


Dates: Tuesday 7 March, Tuesday 14 March, Tuesday 21 March and Tuesday 28 March

6pm - 10pm


Location: Lange Koepoortstraat 70, Antwerp

During this workshop we will work out a first technique of leather working, the domino technique. This is often used in designs of briefcases and satchels. It is the perfect technique to get a first experience of leatherworking and still make a stylish design.


Gaby, Ghislain and Anne are models from SofieDarche's collection. with the domino insert.

Week 1:

* Brief explanation of the care of different leathers;

* Start design of your bag and pattern drawing;

* Practice all required actions (stitching, cutting, filtering,...).


Week 2:

* Leather selection;

* Cutting out pieces,

* Preparation work.


Week 3:

* Assembling handbag.


Week 4:

* Finishing your handbag.


Experience in leather finishing is not necessary.


Book your place now with a deposit of €50, the rest of the amount will be paid during the first day of class





You can attend various workshops through the workshop platform Wecandoo. Make your own pen bag or waist bag in one evening.


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