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SIEGOL® Palm Wax

SIEGOL® Palm Wax

You use this product to:

- protect against dirt and moisture;

- give your handbag a nice shine.


This product is best used in combination with the high-quality soft shoe cream. When in doubt about the color, it is best to go for the colorless variant, so you are definitely safe!


SIEGOL® Palmwax exists  from a mixture of pure, natural waxes and oils. The hard Carnauba wax (palm wax) plays an important role in the composition. This gives the paste both the deep protective effect and the water-repellent property.


Buffing the hard wax gives a long-lasting, intimate shine.


SIEGOL® uses only natural pigments for its color palette. This gives the leather a deep and saturated color that sparkles with a wonderful high gloss.

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