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Maintaining your favourite handbag, but how?

Earlier this week on Earth Day, we reflected on the impact of our consumer behaviour on the planet. By eschewing impulse purchases and very consciously choosing local products that last, you are already taking a big step towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Eternal life is unfortunately reserved for few products. The care tips in this blog will help you to keep your Sofie Darche in top condition for as long as possible!

Leather (hand) bags need maintenance at least twice a year. This is definitely the "golden advice from Aunt Sofie" that I want to pass on. By scheduling your maintenance sessions at fixed intervals, you (probably) won't forget them: just before winter, you prepare your bag for the inclement weather; at the start of spring, you pamper it with a refresh to make it shine again.

Below, I list a few more general care tips:

  • Use colourless care products to avoid giving your bag an unwanted makeover. After all, finding exactly the same shade as your bag is virtually impossible. One exception is black. You can also use brown, but keep in mind that there is always a small risk of a colour difference after treatment.

  • It is better to take care of your handbag once too often than too rarely. Just like your skin, leather that is not sufficiently nourished will dry out and even tear after a while.

  • Make your handbag shine again simply by polishing it with a clean cloth.

  • (Wine) spillage? Wipe your (hand) bag clean with a damp cloth (possibly with a little hand soap). After cleaning, be sure not to forget to re-treat your bag against dirt and moisture with Siegol® products. After all, you not only removed the stains, but also the protective layer.

  • The sun is not healthy for your (hand) bag. So store them preferably in a dark place in the house. It is also better not to hang the handbag up by the handle and store it in a place where it can breathe.

After a long search for eco-friendly leather care products, I am super happy to introduce you to the Siegol® range. These high-quality products based on natural raw materials are handcrafted and produced in an environmentally friendly way in Switzerland. A match made in heaven! Want to get started right away with the above tips? Then order the Siegol® products now on the webshop or drop by the shop!

Still have questions or prefer to outsource the maintenance of your Sofie Darche to a professional? Then contact me or just pop in!

XOXO Sofie

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