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6 Benefits of Leather Handbags



The first main characteristic that differentiates leather from its counterparts such as PVC and PU faux leather, is Durability. For instance, when it comes to a handbag made from leather, the material's natural oils will protect its fibers from bacteria and the sun's ultraviolet rays. It will also resist abrasion as opposed to PVC, making it more durable.

Water resistance

Leather products such as handbags go through a waxing process that makes them resistant to water and other liquids. This makes them a practical choice for those who often find themselves in wet conditions.

Leather also undergoes a process called tanning. This process involves subjecting the raw material to high temperatures and the application of various chemicals. These processes cause the leather to become soft and pliable. Tanning develops a strong protective layer on the skin of the leather and is one of the main causes of its water resistance.

Smell and feel

Many of the leather products available on the market today are infused with a pleasant scent that goes a long way to improve their overall look, feel, and quality. Not only does this contribute to their overall aesthetic value, but it also improves their aesthetic appeal significantly.

Timeless style

As we know, the fashion of the 21 century revolves around endless cycles. The fashion industry has created a need to follow trends and stay up to date with them. But what about leather products? Their importance, value, and look remain unchangeable through centuries. With this in mind, it makes sense that leather is a timeless material. Not only does keep its appeal with time, but it also ages beautifully and retains the natural color.


The fourth characteristic of leather is versatility. Leather products can be furnished in different colors and textures to meet customer preferences while still maintaining the same standard of workmanship.

Easy to clean

It is crucial to take care of your leather products. By doing maintenance from time to time, you ensure that your leather product lasts for generations to come. At Sofie Darche not only offer tips and explanations on how to keep your leather handbag clean. Check for more information.


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