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The first collection of  Sofie Darche, MOVEMENT, represents the movement we are in on a daily basis. We want to constantly move forward, both personally and professionally, but is it sometimes not even necessary to stand still? So that you can really move. 


2. Mi Amore

Sofie Darche's second collection is all about women who mean a lot to the designer. Each with their own talents & one by one uniquely beautiful women.



MANN I is Sofie Darche's first gender neutral line. For the photo shoot, de Sofie was inspired by Belgian surrealism.  


You can see this collection as a sweet escape in this bizarre time for men, women and every other gender expression.

The word 'mann' comes from Norwegian and means there not only 'man', but also 'human being'. The collection consists of five gender neutral pieces named after the designer's parents, Sandra Philomène Charel and Danny Gilbert Irène Ghislain.

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