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Repair of leather goods

In SofieDarche's studio. you can go for the repair of handbags and other leather goods of all brands. Maintaining, repairing and continuing to use handbags is part of Sofie's sustainable vision. Do you doubt whether your favorite piece can get a new life? Then send an email to watch it together.

Each repair has a different cost, but always starts from the same basis.

1. The hourly rate of €40 / hour including VAT;

2. The cost of the necessary raw materials, for example: zipper, leather, ...

Before the handbag is repaired, you will receive a minimum and a maximum price so that you cannot be surprised.


Give your dream bag a new life? Ask the price without obligation for the repair of your dream bag.​


Lange Koepoortstraat 70, 2000 Antwerp

Opening hours

Wednesday - Friday 13h - 18h

Saturday 10h - 18h

& by appointment

0473 77 00 80

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