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Unique, timeless design.

Belgian design,

High Quality.

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Sofie Darche

Wine lover, coffee fanatic, likes to do a little dance, goes through the day dreaming and tries to keep their feet on the ground where necessary.  

From the age of sixteen I chose to study fashion. Every day I commuted four hours to and from Antwerp to do what I was passionate about, fashion. Making clothes was fun, but I felt that it wasn't the thing after all. I followed various fashion courses before I started the shoe making course at Syntra Tongeren. This was it, leather. The puzzle fell together, or how do they say?  I completed my knowledge with a training in morocco processing at Syntra Uccle.

The handbags, my children

I want to create an experience that showcases the craftsmanship and quality of my handbags & also shows a strong link to sustainability . A brand that is powerful in every design and shows my unique style, a balance between minimalism & detail . I want to do this in a personal and transparent way and for me it is important that every link in the process can work honestly and safely.

Each item is made to carry and even pass on for a lifetime. There is no overproduction and the focus is on craftsmanship, quality and longevity.  As a result, it is not designed per season.

Sofie Darche is slow fashion and that's a reason why  it is sustainable.  We do not participate in mass production and only produce according to customer demand.  My goal is to convey my vision without losing sight of what is important to you.  

Made in Belgium & Made in Europe


You can choose between a handbag made by Sofie herself and a handbag made in her atelier in Europe. On the website, a distinction is made between Made in Belgium and Made in Europe.

You can find the collection of Sofie Darche in the atelier in Antwerp and on the website.  Subscribe to the newsletter to be constantly informed where you can buy a Sofie Darche.

To collaborate

Do you want to collaborate? Send me an email to view the possibilities.



Can't you catch me right away? Then I'm probably busy making a handbag or drinking a glass of wine. I will then contact you as soon as possible.

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From the design, making the handbag to packaging and shipping.

Sofie Darche wants to be a sustainable company that pays different people in a fair way and makes all her customers happy with a product where quality and craftsmanship are central.

A company that can continuously grow, in every possible way. Also how Sofie Darche can contribute to the environment by constantly researching what can be done better.

Sofie Darche goes for high-quality raw materials that only come from Europe in order to limit transport. A conscious choice is made to design timeless and Sofie Darche also actively focuses on maintenance and repair.

The designs

Everything is designed and made in the studio in Antwerp.

Sofie Darche has three collections in which each model is timelessly designed and where the final destination has been considered.


In the designs Sofie Darche looks for  a balance between minimalism & detail.

In addition, she also wants to respond to a minimum physical load. 


The leather

All handbags are made from residual leather from the meat industry.

Sofie Darche uses high-quality chrome-tanned leather from Europe. The choice for this type of leather arose from research into the durability of the material itself. This leather remains in a beautiful condition for years and can withstand dirt and moisture.

"Timeless for me does not mean 'as little as possible', but the careful choice of materials and details to create a clear style that is reflected in all my designs."


Sofie Darche wants to be as transparent as possible and stay true to herself. Who Sophie is as a person is who she is as an entrepreneur. Every choice is therefore made on feeling and according to the values of the designer.

Who helps under what circumstances is something we make no secret of. Do you have any questions? Then don't hesitate to ask them.

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